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Analyze It!

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A middle-schooler’s guide to software analysis, Analyze It! is a fun, engaging read for the innovators of tomorrow.

Readers will join Marla, her teachers and her classmates as they use teamwork, curiosity and innovation to get their class on an amusement park field trip. In the process, kids will learn foundational aspects of technology development, testing and deployment, as well as how to identify and solve problems. Readers will also practice “talking the talk” of software analysis while discovering how new technology is defined, built and managed. 

An easy and entertaining read, Analyze It! makes learning information technology fun and approachable for readers of all ages.

Analyze It! includes:

  • Analyze It! story

  • Guiding and activity questions

  • Key terms review

  • Recommended resources for parents

  • Companion guide for teachers, including a 5-session lesson plan

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Praise for Analyze It!


Analyze It! explains the various roles in the tech space with clarity and fun. This book is perfect for kids who think the only tech job is coding, kids who want to work in tech but aren't quite sure what that entails, or anyone who just wants to learn more about the myriad roles that exist within technology. The case-study Elliott uses to walk the reader from problem to technology solution is not only realistic, but also easy-to-follow and highly engaging. Kids will identify with the characters and, by the end of reading, want to start their own technology clubs.

Molly Becker - Editorial Manager, Scripps National Spelling Bee

Piles of Books

Analyze It! is a concise introduction to concepts commonly used in software for children in a relatable, pragmatic way. It features a narrative that is well contextualized for middle schoolers and focuses on various aspects of problem solving in the world of tech. It is a great resource for educators who want to include realistic use cases of software applications into their lesson plans. It teaches skills for one of the fastest growing markets.

Josh Brenneman - Bioinformatics Software Engineer, Nationwide Childrens Hospital

Woman Typing

In Analyze It!, Elliott simplifies the topics of project management and requirements gathering enough for anyone to understand. That's not an easy thing to do. The story that the book lays out is light and engaging, while teaching terminology and concepts related to business analysis with real world examples. This structure easily shows the worth of computer science to a business. I would recommend this book to students and working professionals alike.

Matthew Fearrington - Advanced IT Systems Integrator, Marathon Petroleum Corporation

Desk with Book

Having limited knowledge of what software analysis is, Analyze It! helped fill me in on the basics on how to "talk the talk" on technology!

Ted Elliott - Automation Engineering Supervisor, GFS Chemicals

Green Typewriter

"As someone who grew up as both an avid reader and a tech enthusiast that didn't like to code, this would have been both an appealing and enlightening book. It provides a great introduction to the analysis side of technology, while still keeping it engaging and thought provoking."

Nathan Linville - Sr. Technology Analyst, Nationwide Insurance

Man at Desk

In Analyze IT!, Kristen introduces IT analysis concepts in a fun and innovative manner, presenting the material in an interactive format that will keep readers engaged from start to finish. While students are the target audience, I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about IT analysis and the career paths that exist within the profession!

Erin Curfman - Product Owner, Nationwide Insurance


The topic and ideas covered in Analyze It! are ones that at first I did not think I would enjoy reading about, but ended up finding it very interesting! This book is a great way to inform middle schoolers about IT analysis.

Jillian C. - 9th Grade Student

Woman Writing

I love the effort that Elliott clearly put into this book. It is written so that it is engaging for both children and adults alike and is a perfect choice for the young techie in your life!

Courtney Cunningham - Registered Nurse (Psychiatry and Behavioral Health) at Nationwide Children's Hospital

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