STEAM Ambassador Episode 1: Matt Fearrington

Hello viewers! This is the first installment of the STEAM Ambassador series, where we take the time to highlight an individual that proudly represents STEAM within their professional career and personal passions.

Our first spotlight focuses on Matt Fearrington, who is an IT Systems Integrator for the Marathon Petroleum Corporation. He has worn multiple hats in his years at Marathon ranging from programming, to requirements gathering, to system architecture. He is a Toledo, OH native and holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering Technology from The University of Toledo.

In his free time, Matt enjoys creating video games and has created numerous Flash games since his was a middle school student. As he looks to the future, he plans on continuing to create games featured more in the mobile space. He has discovered a deeper passion for art design, which has resulted himself in teaching himself how to paint and animate to further build his skills as a developer.