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Hi! My name is Kristen Elliott and I am a STEAM Ambassador, with a BIG focus on T(echnology) and A(rts). 

I love helping others learn about the importance of STEAM education.

Take a look below to learn more about my mission, my work, and other things I'm doing around Columbus for STEAM advocacy.

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I am on a mission to make technology easy for all to understand

Did you know that while the demand for technology based careers are continuing to grow in the US, we are still struggling to provide the right education to our innovators of tomorrow? 

Some things to consider...

Math the single-most important subject for students today, yet there is a shortage of qualified math teachers.

Hands on learning to link math and science to the real world is necessary for STEM to thrive.

Women and minorities are less likely to pursue a STEM education.

Parents need to get behind the STEM movement and encourage their children to pursue studies in these areas.

STEM is as much an education issue as it is an employment issue!

How can we disrupt our current state? Check out below what I am personally focused on.


Current Publications

A great way to make to de-mystify the complexity of technology is through development of new curriculum! 

Check out my recently published manual for middle school students and teachers on how to better understand software analysis concepts.


Public Speaking

To continue disrupting the digital divide, I lean into speaking opportunities at schools, organizations, and conferences across the United States. 

If interested in booking me for a seminar, public forum, or even making PBJ sandwiches while talking about critical thinking, let's connect!

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Community Building

I live to support my community through spreading my personal love of the arts and how the A should continually be represented in STEM.

If you have a personal and/or professional connection to STEAM, let's connect and build our network of STEAM Ambassadors!


Past Speaking & Community Events

Check out some of my past work I've done to help advocate the power of STEAM!

The Ohio State University

Undergraduate lecturer for College of Science and Engineering. Teach introduction to software analysis. Have taught over 150 students the power of analysis!

Adjunct Lecturer, College Science and Engineering - 2019 to present

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

Midwest Conference 2021

Conference Speaker
Topic: Analyze It! Explaining software analysis clearly
Audience: 50 industry professionals (approx)

Girl Scouts of Heartland Ohio

Guest Speaker - 2021

Virtual Guest Speaker for multiple troops grades 3-8. 
Prompt: Introducing logical cause/effect thinking through creating a PBJ sandwich! 
Audience: 400 attendees (virtual; approx)

Hack OHI/O Showcase

Showcase presenter of Analyze It! to over 200 virtual attendees, sponsored by Ohio State University

Showcase Guest - 2021

AWH Bytes Podcast

Podcast Speaker Guest - 2021

Guest Speaker on AWH Podcast.
Focus on innovation within larger companies and the power of doing analysis the right way.


Community judge for Franklin University undergraduate hackathon

Hackathon Judge - 2021

Path to Agility

Midwest Conference - 2018

Conference Speaker
Title: What's Your Problem? An introduction to Design Thinking
Audience: 50 professionals (approx)

Columbus Collaboratory

Guest speaker and facilitator for various leaders (approx. 10) across Fortune 500 companies in Columbus, OH. Focus on design thinking concepts.

Guest Speaker; Facilitator - 2018

Analyze It! Cover - do not

Analyze It!

Now available for purchase!

A middle-schooler’s guide to software analysis, Analyze It! is a fun, engaging read for the innovators of tomorrow.

Readers will join Marla, her teachers and her classmates as they use teamwork, curiosity and innovation to get their class on an amusement park field trip. In the process, kids will learn foundational aspects of technology development, testing and deployment, as well as how to identify and solve problems. Readers will also practice “talking the talk” of software analysis while discovering how new technology is defined, built and managed. 

An easy and entertaining read, Analyze It! makes learning information technology fun and approachable for readers of all ages.

Analyze It! includes:

  • Analyze It! story

  • Guiding and activity questions

  • Key terms review

  • Recommended resources for parents

  • Companion guide for teachers, including a 5-session lesson plan

Notebook and Pen

Praise for Analyze It!


Analyze It! explains the various roles in the tech space with clarity and fun. This book is perfect for kids who think the only tech job is coding, kids who want to work in tech but aren't quite sure what that entails, or anyone who just wants to learn more about the myriad roles that exist within technology. The case-study Elliott uses to walk the reader from problem to technology solution is not only realistic, but also easy-to-follow and highly engaging. Kids will identify with the characters and, by the end of reading, want to start their own technology clubs.

Molly Becker - Editorial Manager, Scripps National Spelling Bee